Children’s Health Check

Checking the overall health of a child and giving parents the time they need to gain reassurance and advice.

Child holding red autumn leaf | Meyer Clinic

What’s included

Our health checks provide an important opportunity to identify if there are any health issues that may require treatment and to reassure parents if their child’s development is on course. A condition detected early can often be corrected by making a simple dietary change or by following a course of exercise.

As part of our children’s health check, we monitor weight and height, run hearing and sight tests; provide insight into a child’s physical and emotional development and offer awareness for common health issues such as asthma, molluscum and eczema and can advise on immunisation requirements.

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Alongside this, our health experts can run a variety of tests including vitamin and mineral screening, as well as preventative genetic testing.

This service offers protected time for a parent to discuss any concerns they have about their child’s development and wellbeing with a health professional.

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