Aura 3D


At Meyer Clinic our Skin Analysis consultation starts with the New Aura 3D Imaging System, the industry’s first premium aesthetic imaging solution that captures a photo-realistic 3D digital twin of the patient’s face and neck with a single capture and then generates a high-fidelity “digital self”. This allows real-time skin analysis and facial measurements.

Aura 3D delivers real-time cutting-edge AI-based insights, and comprehensive analysis and visuals of real-life transformations, helping the patient to understand their options. It generates a full report on a patients’ skin, including wrinkles, pores, red areas and brown spots, and skin texture, as well as before-and-after images when various treatment options are decided upon prior to commencing.

Ideal for younger patients, to help guide on responsible future interventions as they age and for more mature patients to fully understand how treatment protocols can transform their skin, the Aura 3D is a welcome addition to the Meyer Clinic 360 approach to the skin.

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