Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are often not always treated with the same care and attention we give to our faces, and yet they are exposed to environmental stressors even more than our faces are. Signs of ageing include a loss of smooth texture and an increase in skin laxity, where hands develop crepey skin that no amount of hand cream can repair. The skin can also change in colour with age-spots visible and they can also become bony and the veins more pronounced as a result.

Meyer Clinic has a number of different options to help restore the hands, including dermal fillers, ideally using a blend of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Combining this boost in hydration with an antioxidant defense in the form of polynucleotides is a recommended approach and a third treatment option using Laser to treat brown age-spots also helps improve the appearance too.

Each patient will have different needs and at Meyer Clinic a personalised approach will be taken at each consultation with guidance on the very best of at-home care too.

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Other Treatments


Dermal Fillers can improve the appearance of wrinkles and restore facial contours, for a more youthful and natural appearance. Dr Meyer is renowned for her skilled approach with dermal fillers. She assesses each patient’s face to create a treatment that is effective but natural. By using tiny enhancements designed to balance and showcase the beauty of a person’s natural features, Dr Meyer is able to achieve subtle yet impactful results.


Polynucleotides are part of our regenerative medicine offering at Meyer Clinic, they form the building blocks for all cellular processes, were originally developed for wound care and have since been developed for use in aesthetic care. They have a potent biostimulator function acting as powerful antioxidants, they can reduce inflammation, reduce hyperpigmentation, improve healing, stimulate collagen 1 and 3 formation, improve micro-circulation, and increase elastin. They can also be used in difficult to treat areas of skin such as under the eyes and top lip.

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