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Pigmentation refers to skin colour, and can range from small dark spots to large patches of discolouration.

Pigmentation | Meyer Clinic

Skin Cell Damage

Skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin which is produced by special cells in the body. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy melanin production is affected.

There are two types of pigmentation: hormonal – also referred to as Melasma – and non-hormonal.

Melasma is often triggered by an increase in hormones such as during pregnancy. While melasma isn’t painful and doesn’t present any health risks, it can cause significant emotional distress.

Melasma appears when pigment-producing cells become hyperactive and produce too much pigment in certain areas of the skin. The process is similar to what causes brown age spots and freckles, but melasma patches tend to be larger.

Non-hormonal pigmentation is often as a result of environmental factors and sun damage.

At Meyer Clinic, we have a range of treatments available to reduce affected pigmentation. No two people are the same so a consultation with one of our skin experts can determine the right course of action for each individual patient.

Nu-Derm by Obagi

This complete skin care system from Obagi Medical is only available on prescription from physician-led clinics. It is specially formulated for normal to dry skin to help correct hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and melasma, and transform the appearance of ageing skin. Following an in-depth consultation, our skin experts can create a bespoke skin care plan tailored to each individual.

Elos Sublative

Elos Sublative treatment uses targeted radio frequency to not only rejuvenate the top layer of skin but also the dermis. By penetrating the dermis Elos Sublative helps to boost the production of new collagen and elastin – essentially resurfacing the skin from inside out. Our highly-skilled aesthetic therapists achieve fantastic results using this treatment for patients with hyperpigmentation.

Skin Rejuvenation by Elos

Skin Rejuvenation by Elos is an advanced light treatment using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is particularly effective for non-hormonal pigmentation. Wavelengths penetrate just below the skin’s surface to target the melanin. The light causes damage to the pigment forcing the skin’s natural defences to act. The body works to remove the damaged melanin while at the same time releasing repairing collagen. These two actions can produce incredible results to the appearance and texture of the treated areas.

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