Optimal wellbeing results in a body that is balanced and resilient during stress.

Studying and applying health screening and epigenetic DNA at consultations, and combining this with personalised nutrition, helps people make better lifestyle choices for themselves. Wellbeing is a daily ritual that requires being aware of what the body needs. A timely clinical check that focusses on biochemistry, cardiovascular health, gut health, and body scanning, can help people develop and age positively at all stages of life. Meyer Clinic values the power of tailored nutrition and offers focused food demonstrations and retreat days to support patients to keep their bodies well and strong.

Looking after your body is a rewarding journey, which gives back and has a positive domino effect on everyone around you. At Meyer Clinic we appreciate the relationship between genetics, biochemistry, body image, food, and self. We love food and helping others to have confidence when making their food and nutritional choices. When we fuel our bodies and understand the relationship and alchemy that food has on our gut and brain connection, it allows us to make different lifestyle choices. Food is functional medicine and feeding the soul through our diet is a wonderful romance to engage in. By eating well, we show self-love, and this should be a daily practice.

We are proud to be a centre for `Renew Reset Recharge’ a unique nutrition, weight management and lifestyle programme designed by acclaimed nutritional therapist Dominique Ludwig. We offer WellWoman, WellMan and WellTeen annual health checks to support biochemistry, with add-on services to assess epigenetic DNA, Truecheck™ cancer marker screening, gut microbiome, and food intolerances. These tests are designed to support wellbeing, and give insight into what your body needs, supporting a healthy lifestyle direction, rather than snapshot intervention. We prefer all our patients to have INBODY™ checks, which show their whole-body composition and can be used as both a diagnostic and motivational tool.

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