Meyer Clinic understands that early motherhood is a time of great change in a woman’s life and can be somewhat overwhelming. We are passionate about providing empathetic, evidence-based care during this important postnatal period. We help to clarify each patient’s individual physical and emotional needs, discuss test result findings, make recommendations, give advice to them and where needed offer onward referrals both within Meyer Clinic and externally (NHS/ PRIVATE). This care ensures mothers have the support needed to adapt well to life with their new baby.

Our full Mummy MOT service starts by looking at a patient’s past medical history including Obstetric history, Gynaecological, Urological, Psychological concerns and at General fitness and activity levels. We then discuss any current symptoms and specific concerns for eg: Bladder, Bowel, Sexual, Emotional, Nutritional, any anxieties, any expectations. This specialised post-natal assessment can also include Diastasis assessment, CS delivery assessment +/- sutures (where relevant) and Pelvic floor assessment +/- sutures (where relevant).

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