Fat dissolving injections – Belkyra®

Double chins can be challenging to treat especially through diet and exercise alone and can often be the first thing you notice in the mirror each day.

How to treat Double Chins and stubborn fat areas

If a double chin is a concern for you, and you would like a more defined jawline then Meyer Clinic is delighted to offer the new MHRA and FDA approved injectable treatment Belkyra® which actually dissolves fat cells. It is particularly effective at treating double chins and improving the definition of the jawline without the need for surgery but can also be used to treat fatty deposits in other areas of the body.

Belkyra ® or Kybella® in the USA, contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a bile salt solution, which actually occurs naturally in our bodies. When this is injected into sub-mental fat (under chin fat) or fatty deposits elsewhere, it actually destroys the membranes of those localized fat cells. This in turn allows the fat within the cells to be released and the body can then naturally eliminate it as opposed to storing it. Offering particularly good clinical results to over 90% of patients, the treatment is a desirable alternative to surgical options, and can be complemented by a course of CoolSculpting® treatments too.

These fat dissolving injections may alternatively be used for small, stubborn areas of fat, where alternative fat freezing treatment might not be suitable. These areas include bra bulges, knees, and calves.

The safety profile of fat dissolving injections are excellent, and yield very good results.


This FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment can significantly help reduce submental fat (the area under the chin). Using the specially-adapted CoolMini® handpiece, our trained therapists can deliver controlled cooling to the double chin area that will permanently destroy fat cells. CoolSculpting® results can show in as little as four weeks, with treatment showing its full effect at three months.

Health Check Up

Having a detailed understanding of your health can allow you to manage your lifestyle accordingly and live life to its full potential.

Our health check is designed to give patients time with one of our specialist GPs to discuss their health concerns and requirements. It is an opportunity to forge a relationship between patient and practitioner, to create a plan together towards achieving optimum health.

Nutritional Therapy

Fluctuations in weight can lead to a double chin developing. The skin, when well maintained, is elastic, but with constant weight gain and weight loss, it can become stretched and lax. If you’re a yo-yo dieter, a consultation with one of our Nutritional Therapists can help you work towards maintaining a healthy weight.

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