Vaginal health is becoming a much talked about topic and one Meyer Clinic encourages. We now understand that the gut-microbiota brain axis, the gut -vaginal axis and the gut-vaginal-bladder axis are all connected and there is a complex interplay between all three systems, influenced by circulating hormones. Menopause and lack of or lower levels of hormones negatively influence the diversity of the vaginal microbiota, and this can cause a number of challenging side-effects.

We are now able to test vaginal health and a patient’s microbiome profile with a specialised swab that undergoes PCR testing (PCR involves using short synthetic DNA fragments called primers to select a segment of the genome to be amplified, and then multiple rounds of DNA synthesis to amplify that segment to provide accurate and reliable data), which in turn allows for a more personalised prescription of treatment.

To maintain vaginal health is not only important for our general health, but also important to maintain a healthy sex life. Vulvovaginal atrophy, pain during intercourse, pain when urinating and recurrent urinary tract infections can all be managed with the right supplementation and or intervention. There are a number of injectables on the market that are researched to support intimate health and vaginal dryness for up to 6-12 months.

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