Trichotest genetic test for hair loss and alopecia

Trichotest is a simple way to help decide and support treatment options for hair loss, in both men and women. Hair loss is a condition that may need further investigation, depending on the nature and pattern of hair loss.

Hair loss in men is often due to genetics and can start as early as late teens. For women, hair loss is often affected by hormonal pattern, stress, medical conditions, or vitamin deficiency. Hair loss in women often become more apparent when the perimenopause or menopause are reached.

THE TRICHOTEST by Fagron is a DNA test that helps show which treatment for hair loss will work best for each patient. This test is a game changer in the management of hair loss and can be done at home, or at clinic, with a detailed report produced to guide on treatment options for the best possible results.

It is an example of personalised care at its absolute best and will guide Meyer Clinic on how best to put your treatment plan together, through topical treatment, medication, or surgical treatment options.

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