WellWoman, WellMan, WellTeen (WellChild) Checks

At Meyer Clinic we offer Wellness checks for teenagers through to adulthood for all, ideally as annual health check-ins which give patients the opportunity to freely discuss any concerns, have a physical examination and develop a clear plan for actioning any health goals.

We feel that it is especially important in today’s busy and stressful lives, to have time allocated for patients once a year to check in and have some dedicated medical support and discuss any medical concerns for example cardiovascular health, sleep issues, osteoporosis, female hormones, andropause, arthritis, good gut health and IBS. 

Children and teenagers also need to have their wellness checked, to see if their diets are optimal and if they have the right vitamins to help them grow and thrive. As a clinic we are focused on good health and optimal wellbeing, helping prevent disease and may recommend specific treatment, supplementations, or a plan to support this.

The consultation includes one-on-one time with your doctor, a physical examination including blood pressure and urine check, and an InBody Analysis check to assess your body composition. During the consultation we will decide if you need any additional checks and referrals. A comprehensive (fasting) blood panel can be chosen from our detailed lists depending on health concerns and included. We can also put a future plan together, so that you can expect recalls for further treatments tailored to your specific health requirements.

If you need ongoing GP care, we will give you the option of either liaising with your NHS GP, organise a private consultant referral, or refer you on to another private GP to manage chronic health. You can then return to us for your annual check.

If further testing is required, for example ultrasounds, MRI’s, ECG, DEXA scans and mammograms, this will be arranged at consultation.

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