About Meyer Clinic

At Meyer Clinic, founded by Clinical Director Dr Annelize Meyer, we empower our patients on their journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

Through our 360 preventative medical approach, strong patient-clinician relationship, and calming environment, we support the whole person. We have 12 dedicated treatment rooms and a professional kitchen, and offer medical, nutritional, hormonal, aesthetic and beauty treatments, guidance and Retreats.

“Current advancements within medical science allow us to apply personalised medicine to our patients. Personalised medicine is the gateway to achieving optimal health and complete wellbeing for each individual.” Dr Annelize Meyer

Founded by our clinical director, Dr Annelize Meyer, Meyer Clinic helps patients achieve balance and a heightened state of wellness and we give a unique full-service patient experience at every life stage.

We apply a patient centred, personalised approach and understand that every aspect of health & wellbeing needs to be considered. We practice preventative medicine which delivers an improved immune system response, increases longevity of life, and raises vitality levels. We walk alongside our patients on that journey and build relationships that last, achieving health / life balance for them.

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