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Eating Disorders

Our team can work with individuals and their families to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Eating disorders | Meyer Clinic

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia can have a devastating impact on not only the sufferer but also on family members and friends.

It is important to remember that an eating disorder is a complex mental illness that left untreated can lead to imbalances in body chemistry that affect the functioning of the heart as well as other major organs.

The sooner a person suffering with an eating disorder gets help, the quicker and more sustained recovery is likely to be.

How Meyer Clinic Can Help

At Meyer Clinic our multi-disciplinary team works together to help patients and their families in their journey towards improved health and wellbeing. We aim to heal the whole person by addressing the underlying causes of the eating disorder. Programmes and treatments are tailored to the individual as we acknowledge that everyone’s recovery looks different.

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