At Meyer Clinic we offer Personalised Nutrition with Award Winning Dominique Ludwig, an acclaimed Kings College London Nutritionist MSc., and registered Nutritional Therapist who is also BANT, CNHC and AFMCP accredited. With over 30 years working in the field of nutrition and 20 years as a Nutritional Therapist, Dominique is a leading expert in this field with a client list to match. Her bespoke approach complements the 360° view taken at Meyer Clinic, tailoring dietary recommendations and nutritional advice to suit each individual’s unique makeup, functional testing, InBody profile, lifestyle, and health goals.

Our integrated approach enables the Meyer Clinic medical team led by Dr Annelize Meyer to offer medical support where required, for example for diabetes, to give you the best possible outcome for your health & wellbeing. At the Meyer Clinic the entire body is always considered with our 360 approach.


The nutrients in food serve as essential building blocks for bodily functions and energy production, and provide the necessary components for growth, repair, and maintenance of tissues. They also play critical roles in regulating metabolism and supporting immune function. We optimise each patient’s nutritional intake based on their specific needs, preferences, and personal metabolic factors, guiding them to make the best food choices for them, to ensure improved overall health and well-being.

We are all different and you are UNIQUE, so at Meyer Clinic we put you at the forefront of your healthcare. We use a 360° personalised nutrition approach that looks at your health from every angle and during consultation you will receive a bespoke plan, recipes and supplements where needed.

Quote Dominique Ludwig “Dominque Ludwig’s objective is to understand your health, listen to your concerns and build a relationship with you to help which I do using a combination of the latest nutritional research with nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Nutritional Therapy aims to get to the root cause of your health issues using personalised nutrition, which looks at all aspects of your medical history, your symptoms, your lifestyle, and, of course, your diet for optimum results.”


Dominique gives clear-cut, practical advice that is easy to understand and, most importantly, trustworthy. This often means taking a complicated topic and breaking it down into simple terms, while offering easy-to-follow, practical solutions to your health issues. She demystifies much of the confusion surrounding food and health to help patients make sustainable and long-term changes to their diet and lifestyles often with surprisingly gentle but effective modifications. Dominique’s goal is to give patients a positive outlook on food and a feeling of food freedom. Meyer Clinic want the changes you make to your diet and your newfound nutrition knowledge to be with you for life and change the way you eat forever.


Personal appointments in Renew Reset Recharge® Nutrition offered at Meyer Clinic – tailored to you.

First step: Nutrition assessment appointment – this is available to all clients, and is a requirement for all new patients to Meyer clinic. This appointment allows you the opportunity to discuss your health concerns with Dominique and for her to assess the right approach for you. The call will be 30 min long and cost £90.


5 appointment package – We believe that a true change in lifestyle and nutrition requires commitment and support. We therefore offer a package of 5 appointments, so that you have time to digest the information and guidance shared, put changes into your personal practice and therefore have the best outcome. This package consists of an initial appointment of 90min and 4 follow-up appointments of 45 mins. The cost is £1800 and needs to be used within 6 months unless there are exceptional circumstances.
You will be offered a regular INBODY analysis in-clinic, to assess body composition. Please do not have a full meal, or drink too much water in the 2 hours prior to your consultation, as this might influence the INBODY reading.

Virtual Programme – For our Meyer Clinic patients who would like to benefit from the Renew Reset Recharge® programme as part of an online programme in a virtual group, i.e., not personalised, a unique code will apply if referred via Meyer Clinic. Please ask at reception for details.

Personalised Renew Reset Recharge® Nutrition Consultations – tailored to you.

Meyer Clinic is a centre for Renew Reset Recharge®, eminent Nutritionist Dominique Ludwig’s complete nutrition, lifestyle, and weight management programme which you can follow under her caring supervision, will help ensure that your nutrition is supporting your healthcare journey.

Renew Reset Recharge® is an award-winning nutrition, weight management and lifestyle programme.

  • Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023 – Most Pioneering Weight Loss & Nutrition Programme 2023 – UK For Renew Reset Recharge®
  • Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023 – Most Outstanding Nutrition Programme 2023 (UK): Renew Reset Recharge®

If patients feel they would be more successful making lasting changes to your diet with a completely individualised approach, then Renew Reset Recharge® Personalised is for them. Dominique takes each patient by the hand and leads them through the programme, beside them every step of the way for five completely tailored, individual nutrition coaching sessions. Working on a 1:1 basis through the programme means she can tackle patients’ health concerns as they go along, adapting the programme to their needs, dietary choices, lifestyle, and food allergies. During this time, patients form a tight bond which is important for success and the journey with her.

Renew Reset Recharge® is ideal for patients who want:

Sustainable Weight Loss: Who want to lose weight but do not want to feel hungry or restricted, this programme is all about abundance. It is not a diet…. it is a lifestyle. Once patients learn the principles of eating this way, it becomes easy to lose weight and maintain their ideal weight afterwards.

To Improve Health: Metabolic Flexibility – The programme is designed to reactivate patients’ fat burning potential so that their energy and appetite are more balanced. It is a fantastic blood sugar balancing programme that helps to re-energise patients and stop cravings in their tracks.

Food Freedom: The goal is to give patients food freedom and the feeling that they can eat whatever they want. Renew Reset Recharge® has an abundance of everyday natural foods, showing patients that eating healthily is also delicious, with a diverse range of foods so that they never get bored.

Food Confidence: Dominique demystifies the confusion around food and health, giving patients easy to follow, simple, and practical advice to improve their health long-term.

Science-Backed Plan – No fads: The programme is based on the latest nutritional research combined with extensive clinical experience.

Knowledge: Because Renew Reset Recharge® is educational, patients become their own nutrition experts which gives them the confidence they need to continue the principles beyond 28 days. Renew Reset Recharge® is a complete toolkit containing everything they need.

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