Lenisna for Deep Skin Rejuvenation

Lenisna is a hybrid injectable filler from South-Korea, available at Meyer Clinic, which is designed to support the treatment of deep wrinkles, laxity, and significant tissue defects. One of the most effective tissue stimulators available, it combines 170 mg of PDLLA polylactic acid, and 30 mg of non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid to synergistically stimulate and support the skin to produce more collagen and ensure long lasting anti-ageing effects.

The combination features a precise composition of 170mg PDLLA polylactic acid and 30mg non-cross-inked hyaluronic acid presented with particle sizes ranging from 50 to 60 micrometers, which allows for targeted application to different layers of the patient’s facial tissue. Lesser wrinkles can be treated alongside with Juvelook.

Apart from treating significant facial volume loss, Lenisna can also be used to enhance the buttocks, providing a fuller look. It is indicated to treat men and women over the age of 40. The typical treatment protocol involves two to three sessions, six to eight weeks apart, the treatment can last up to 24 months and the effect can then be sustained by performing one reminder treatment after 24 months.

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Juvelook is a cutting-edge hybrid filler from South-Korea offered at Meyer Clinic and the only polylactic acid for use in the eye area, face, neck and neckline, which has the immediate filling effect of Hyaluronic Acid and long-term stimulation of collagen production by PDLLA (Poly D,L – lactide). Like Lenisna which is for deeper wrinkles, it is a potent collagen stimulator designed to restore youthfulness to the skin in a gradual and natural way.

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