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Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that hang off the skin and look similar to warts.

Skin tags | Meyer Clinic

Treatment for Skin Tags

Although often harmless, skin tags can be unsightly or located in an inconvenient part of the body.

Our skin specialists can remove skin tags within our clinic, and occasionally during an initial consultation.

If several skin tags are being treated further visits will be required to ensure each skin tag can be safely removed.

Hormone Balance Check

Skin tags can occur when a person experiences a sudden fluctuation of weight and change in hormones. Regular hormone checks can potentially detect a number of health conditions or diseases early while at the same time increasing the chances for treatment and cure.

Skin Analysis

Skin complaints can leave many men and women feeling self-conscious about their bodies. They can be a source of anxiety, as well as diminish self-esteem and body confidence. Booking a consultation with one of our skin experts can provide solutions.

Skin Tag Removal

Meyer Clinic uses leading-edge technology to remove skin tags. Removal is pain-free and the healing time rapid. It is one of the many minor surgeries we carry out at the clinic. All minor surgery is carried out by our medical GPs and trained skin professionals.

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