Dermal filler complications management

Dermal fillers are considered an overall safe treatment, however treatment on occasion may not be aesthetically pleasing and or rarely, can result in avascular necrosis (affecting blood supply) if the product is injected into the wrong space. Dr Meyer has helped a number of patients who have experienced more severe complications after being injected with dermal fillers at other clinics and Meyer Clinic is always supportive of offering new patients’ urgent corrective treatment if needed.

On occasions when ‘over treatment’ has taken place with Hyaluronic based Dermal Fillers, this can be reversed by injecting Hyalase, an enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid. This treatment can take place at any stage after treatment but requires expertise to be done correctly. Sometimes further support is needed in the form of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), and this can be established post consultation when corrective treatment is in process.

General awareness of all possible issues as well as corrective options to dissolve treatment, should be available to all patients receiving dermal fillers and most medical practitioners do offer this, but unfortunately there still remains a high percentage of people who are injected with dermal fillers and have minimal support when help is needed, Meyer Clinic is there for those patients.

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