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Female Health Check

Medical attention goes hand in hand with excellent physical health.

Female health check | Meyer Clinic

What’s included

Having a detailed understanding of your health can allow you to manage your lifestyle accordingly and live life to its full potential.

Our female health check is designed to give patients time with one of our specialist GPs to discuss their health concerns and requirements. It is an opportunity to forge a relationship between patient and practitioner, to create a plan together towards achieving optimum health.

This specialist quality time can allow our GPs to detect any potential threats to a patient’s wellbeing, enabling them to recommend the correct treatments or lifestyle changes in order to prevent or overcome any conditions or diseases.

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As part of our female health check, we offer hormone, vitamin, cholesterol and mineral screening, as well as preventative genetic testing. Our doctors carry out a physical examination and, if requested, a cervical screening.

If further tests such as mammograms or ultrasounds are required, we will refer our patients privately and review back in our clinic.

At times, there may be the need to refer on for consultant care. In these cases, if requested, we can send a letter to our patient’s NHS GP regarding their consultation.

This test may be recommended for women who are feeling that stress is affecting their health; as well those with adrenal burn-out, PMS, menopausal symptoms, PCOS, heavy, irregular or painful periods, acne and difficulties conceiving. These are all conditions where a DUTCH test may be helpful.

This hormone urine test is the gold standard if you want to really understand how your hormones are affecting your health. More specific than blood tests, the DUTCH test will a combination of adrenal and sex hormones over a 24 hour time-frame. It is comprehensive, reliable and actionable.

Understanding our genetics means understanding the basis of our unique biology. This can explain why certain medicines , diets or sports work well for one person but not for another, and why it is more about the fine-tuning to the individual than mass prescription to all.

DNA Oestrogen tests for gene variants that have been shown to have an impact on how oestrogen is processed in the body and if the processing of oestrogen and related compounds is efficient and healthy. It can be beneficial for those experiencing symptoms of PMS and Menopause, but also for those with diagnosed conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, fertility complications, acne or any other conditions associated with hormone imbalance.

Vitamins and minerals are types of micronutrients that influence nearly every process in our body and are essential for our health. A varied and balanced diet usually provides a person with enough vitamins and minerals for optimal health. But deficiencies can happen for a number of reasons such as poor absorption of nutrients; a diet lacking in fruit or vegetables; a poorly planned vegan or vegetarian diet; drinking excessive amounts of alcohol; medications and pregnancy.

It’s therefore important to check vitamin and mineral levels regularly, especially if a person is more at risk of a deficiency or have any symptoms. At Meyer Clinic, we offer a range of tests to check for any deficiencies and can prescribe a course of supplementation, as well as IV Nutrition.

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