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Foot Conditions

The feet are the foundation of our bodies, and they assist us in some of the most basic functions of living.

Legs in water | Meyer Clinic

A Team Approach to Foot Care

Each foot contains 26 bones, which are controlled by multiple ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Over time, the feet can change structurally. This can give rise to a number of medical conditions and deformities. In addition, the feet are susceptible to infections, including bacterial and fungal infections. Systematic illnesses can also affect and change the feet, which can limit daily activity and quality of life.

We treat a number of foot conditions at Meyer Clinic, our team of professionals working alongside patients to improve issues with mobility and infection.

How Can Meyer Clinic Help?

Our multi-disciplinary team works together to help patients and their families in their journey towards improved health and wellbeing. Our aim is to heal the whole person by addressing the underlying causes of the condition. We acknowledge that everyone’s recovery looks different. Treatments and programmes are therefore tailored to the individual.

Talk to us to discuss how we can help, or book an appointment via our easy to use online booking system.

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