Earlobe Repair

Split or stretched earlobes can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance and is a problem we often see at Meyer Clinic. They may be a result of several factors including trauma or the prolonged use of heavy earrings and can lead to discomfort and self-consciousness, as well as the inability to wear earrings.

Earlobe repair is primarily carried out to improve the cosmetic appearance of the area but on occasion it may be done for practical reasons where the hole is at risk of being continually snagged. At Meyer Clinic we offer a diagnosis by photo service, where you can send a picture of your ear lobe for us to assess, prior to surgery. This is to help navigate treatment without an unnecessary consultation cost to patients.

Repairing a split earlobe is a procedure performed under a local anesthetic. The ear tissue area is corrected surgically using non-dissolvable sutures and patients will be invited back to the clinic to have their sutures removed.

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